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Build it a home.

We help organizations of all sizes tell stories of brand identity and impact, through the transformative power of data visualization.

Data is multilayered and complex
We’ll help you navigate with speed and agility.
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Your challenges
  • Your data isn’t accessible to non-experts
  • For the uninitiated, the meaning of information isn't clear
  • You lack a streamlined approach to communicating data
  • There aren’t in-house specialists for extracting insights
our solutions
    • We clean and organize datasets for easy analysis
    • We provide frameworks to make info more digestible
    • We engineer environments that place data in real-world context
    • We have dedicated teams for analysis, design, and development
    Data builds relationships
    Giving people solutions to explore data motivates them to become more invested in the unique value it brings to their lives. Public support for the high-speed internet infrastructure project swelled when the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and publicly-owned Infratel debuted a map-based explorer for citizens to monitor the progress of the plan.

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    Users can zoom in on an interactive map to check progress in their neighborhood

    Complexity can be compelling
    GDPR compliance is an intricate topic that impacts almost every organization today. Didomi—a French provider of regulatory solutions—reimagined proprietary and public data as the substance of a dynamic digital experience. The resulting multi-part exploration tells a fascinating story of digital transformation through the lens of privacy laws.

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    Intuitive interactive elements make for an engaging reading experience.

    Creating top-notch microsites with our formula
    Intuitive interaction
    Make it easy for your audience to explore the world you've created with data. The simplest interaction gives shape to a story in a ‘scrollytelling’ experience.
    Data explorers
    A custom data explorer is the perfect tool to provide users with up-to-date information for solving real-world challenges.
    Custom data design
    When it comes to data modeling, we don’t believe that one size fits all. Custom designs can impress the broader significance of your story without sacrificing clarity.
    The best microsite solution for your data

    Tech Transparency Project

    Facebook's Broken Promises

    Powerful data journalism revealing the impact of deceitful PR practices


    Data Privacy Barometer

    A compact yet comprehensive resource for consulting global privacy laws


    High-speed internet access explorer

    Expanding high-speed internet, by Italian Ministry of Economic Development

    Knight Foundation

    Disinformation and ‘Fake News’ on Twitter

    Scrollytelling research on social media, bots, and the 2016 U.S. election

    What our clients have to say

    “We were looking for a partner that could help us turn data from our Digital Trends survey into an engaging digital experience. It was important for us to find an expert in data-driven design, and Accurat captured exactly what we asked for".

    Sabina Bonaiuti, EMEA Campaign Marketing Manager
    Adobe UK

    ”The Accurat team are a delight to work with — adaptable, thoughtful, and innovative. They have taken our working style in their stride and delivered excellent results, meeting ambitious deadlines within a fast-paced process”.

    Vesselina Ratcheva, Head of Insights Products Coordination
    The World Economic Forum

    ”Accurat's team has been great to work with. The teams at AIGA and Google really appreciated all the care that has gone into this ambitious project”.

    Perrin Drumm, Founder and Director
    AIGA Eye on Design

    “The collaboration with Accurat began at a crucial moment for the development of the country’s digital infrastructures. The solutions put forth by Accurat represent a leap forward in progress in terms of the transparency and accessibility of information we provide to citizens”.

    Marco Bellezza, CEO
    Infratel Italia for the Government of Italy