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Optimize real-world processes with connected software solutions. Smart products + automated systems = true intelligence.

Human-friendly interfaces for advanced IoT technology
We optimize communication channels for clarity and context, delivering fast with agile methodology under deadline and budget.
Your challenges
  • Your tech is underserved by UX
  • It's difficult for clients to grasp the value of data they receive
  • Disorganized processes are a drain on productivity
  • You struggle to present a "big picture" view of data
our solutions
    • We overhaul UI to put people and information first
    • We tap into the power of visualization to make insights clearer
    • We transform processes to free team resources
    • We provide multiple viewpoints to view environments
    Control is a matter of trust, and clarity
    In order to have industrial processes under control, your specialists don’t need to be overloaded with information and prompts. In-building logistics automation leader Oppent managed to streamline high-tech visual interfaces for human operators, making sure everything looks just right, unless their attention is really needed.


    Oppent's control dashboard allows operators to check the system status at a glance, and zoom in when needed

    Trillions of data points at your fingertips
    How can you keep together a centralized vision with granular control capability? Widespread synchronization with automated local responsiveness? World-class industrial oven manufacturer Unox took to the next level by shipping its products with built-in centralized control software featuring multiple decentralized, easy-to-use access points.

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    Restaurant chain managers can keep multisite production under control thanks to Unox Data Driven Cooking ®

    Our formula for cutting-edge IoT interfaces
    User-friendly interfaces
    To meet users where they are, high-tech solutions demand high quality, intuitive design. Our experience is well rounded, honed over a decade in data visualization and UX design and full-stack development.
    Smart alert system
    Automation is never entirely hands-free, and trust isn't bred overnight. Rest assured that our smart alert systems alert specialists when—and only when—the situation demands a human touch.
    Custom data modeling
    Raw, unprocessed data holds little value to anyone who's not an expert. Our renowned approach to data design takes into account your user's needs, your business' objectives, and your team's processes.
    Data-driven software to streamline your business


    Sintesi Digital Gym

    Smart home fitness, so you won’t miss the gym


    Smart Monitoring System

    Empowering comprehensive control from macro to micro-processes

    RCT Japan


    A real-time visualization to analyze brick-and-mortar shopping

    What our clients have to say

    “We were looking for a partner that could help us turn data from our Digital Trends survey into an engaging digital experience. It was important for us to find an expert in data-driven design, and Accurat captured exactly what we asked for".

    Sabina Bonaiuti, EMEA Campaign Marketing Manager
    Adobe UK

    ”The Accurat team are a delight to work with — adaptable, thoughtful, and innovative. They have taken our working style in their stride and delivered excellent results, meeting ambitious deadlines within a fast-paced process”.

    Vesselina Ratcheva, Head of Insights Products Coordination
    The World Economic Forum

    ”Accurat's team has been great to work with. The teams at AIGA and Google really appreciated all the care that has gone into this ambitious project”.

    Perrin Drumm, Founder and Director
    AIGA Eye on Design

    “The collaboration with Accurat began at a crucial moment for the development of the country’s digital infrastructures. The solutions put forth by Accurat represent a leap forward in progress in terms of the transparency and accessibility of information we provide to citizens”.

    Marco Bellezza, CEO
    Infratel Italia for the Government of Italy