AR & immersive experiences

Data to touch, stories to feel.
There’s a place for data in the real world.

Data comes from people, places, and ideas. We design immersive experiences that bring data insights down to earth and captivate your audience.

Make your venues come alive with data
Connect with users in a whole new way.
We bring your vision to life at lightning speed.
Your challenges
  • You struggle to turn your physical spaces into interactive experiences
  • Your user engagement is lacking in both online and offline settings
  • You need to find ways to make your venues into data sources
  • You want to use data to enhance the experience of your physical spaces
our solutions
    • We design and develop interactive phygital interfaces
    • We set up multi-modal, interactive user interfaces
    • We create site-specific immersive storytelling devices
    • We use data to increase the value generated by IRL events
    Coffee culture goes AR
    Great venues can become truly unique through immersive site-specific AR experiences. When Starbucks opened its first Italian roastery in Milan, they sought to fit their brand aesthetic while paying homage to local culture. The result was a multi-modal in-store experience centered around a mural that tells the story of the iconic coffee brand with data.

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    Experience the iconic coffee brand's story in a multi-modal, immersive in-store experience.

    AR sculptures get emotional
    The emotional impact of 24/7 news media can be overwhelming, adding to the anxiety of endless scrolling. Google News created a way to let users meditate on and release this burden through user-generated AR boulder sculptures that are located in public spaces to symbolize the weight of news and emotions.

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    User-generated mixed-reality boulder totems offer a meditative break from the constant news cycle

    Unlocking immersive experiences with our formula
    Full-fledged installations
    Every venue is unique, and we create bespoke installations to deliver an unparalleled immersive experience. From conception to execution, we take care of everything, allowing you to extract valuable in-person analytics and marketing leads.
    Enhanced interfaces
    We can take your existing venues to the next level by adding extra layers of multimodal interfaces. With our focused interventions, we enhance the user experience and exchange data with users in both directions.
    Data sensors
    Data is crucial for creating immersive experiences. We design, prototype, and implement custom sensors for your venue, allowing you to extract the highest value in terms of user analytics and re-marketing leads.
    Captivating immersive experiences for your data

    CDEC Foundation

    ...but then, what's in a name?

    Italian Jewish community history comes to life through data portraits

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    GTF Discovery Center AR

    Experiencing community resilience to COVID-19, through AR


    Design with Nature

    Sustainable design meets nature at Salone del Mobile

    What our clients have to say

    “We were looking for a partner that could help us turn data from our Digital Trends survey into an engaging digital experience. It was important for us to find an expert in data-driven design, and Accurat captured exactly what we asked for".

    Sabina Bonaiuti, EMEA Campaign Marketing Manager
    Adobe UK

    ”The Accurat team are a delight to work with — adaptable, thoughtful, and innovative. They have taken our working style in their stride and delivered excellent results, meeting ambitious deadlines within a fast-paced process”.

    Vesselina Ratcheva, Head of Insights Products Coordination
    The World Economic Forum

    ”Accurat's team has been great to work with. The teams at AIGA and Google really appreciated all the care that has gone into this ambitious project”.

    Perrin Drumm, Founder and Director
    AIGA Eye on Design

    “The collaboration with Accurat began at a crucial moment for the development of the country’s digital infrastructures. The solutions put forth by Accurat represent a leap forward in progress in terms of the transparency and accessibility of information we provide to citizens”.

    Marco Bellezza, CEO
    Infratel Italia for the Government of Italy