Data-driven digital products

If you can dream it, we can build it.

Transform with Accurat's data-driven software. Our cutting-edge products use real-time advanced analytics to showcase measurable value.

We manage it all, ground to top
We take care of everything it takes to build and ship software for companies of all sizes.
Your challenges
  • You lack the tech resources to design and develop in-demand tools
  • You're struggling with streamlining internal processes for production
  • Current solutions aren't meeting your clients' needs
  • Complex interfaces hinder non-expert access to data
our solutions
    • We rethink and redesign your high-tech interfaces
    • We make your high-tech processes accessible
    • We design and build B2B and B2C turnkey digital products
    • We optimize data models to assist decision making
    Game-changing digital products
    Building high-performance, user-friendly digital products is increasingly critical in both B2B and B2C markets. When Black Knight migrated its real-estate intelligence offering from raw datasets to a turnkey SaaS platform, its profitability soared. While reaching for new markets, Black Knight enabled its clients to lead innovation in the real estate industry.


    Black Knight Rapid Analytics Platform ® makes critical data and technology available to real estate operators of all sizes

    A great vision cannot wait
    Groundbreaking ideas can come in fast, but sometimes the tech side of it can’t quite keep the pace. That means promising new ventures ending up being just—promising. By hiring a rock-solid digital factory, Sardinian startup Nextaltlas not only delivered its idea of AI-powered consumer trend foresight, but was free to focus on what matters most: business development.


    Nextatlas B2B solution parses imagery shared on social media to highlight current trends and forecast future ones

    Transforming your digital products with our data-driven formula
    End-to-end products
    To achieve their full potential, high-tech solutions need high-quality, human-friendly interfaces. Building on our decade-long expertise on data visualization design, UX design and full-stack development, we deliver state-of-the-art digital products for B2B and B2C markets encompassing all industries.
    Digital re-factoring
    Your existing digital product is doing the job, but might use some revamp? We’re here to help. We thoroughly analyze all your data, visual, and content assets to deliver an all-encompassing re-design and development re-factoring that will just click.
    Data modeling
    Data loses value without proper interpretation. We maximize your data's potential by tailoring data models to your business and operational requirements. Adapting to evolving circumstances demands agile and actionable insights.
    Your partner for data-rich digital products

    rct japan


    A real-time visualization to analyze brick-and-mortar shopping


    Community Monitoring

    Unraveling community behavior for tailored insurance experiences


    Zoning Analysis Software

    Demystifying NYC zoning laws with innovative 3D-imaging software

    What our clients have to say

    “We were looking for a partner that could help us turn data from our Digital Trends survey into an engaging digital experience. It was important for us to find an expert in data-driven design, and Accurat captured exactly what we asked for".

    Sabina Bonaiuti, EMEA Campaign Marketing Manager
    Adobe UK

    ”The Accurat team are a delight to work with — adaptable, thoughtful, and innovative. They have taken our working style in their stride and delivered excellent results, meeting ambitious deadlines within a fast-paced process”.

    Vesselina Ratcheva, Head of Insights Products Coordination
    The World Economic Forum

    ”Accurat's team has been great to work with. The teams at AIGA and Google really appreciated all the care that has gone into this ambitious project”.

    Perrin Drumm, Founder and Director
    AIGA Eye on Design

    “The collaboration with Accurat began at a crucial moment for the development of the country’s digital infrastructures. The solutions put forth by Accurat represent a leap forward in progress in terms of the transparency and accessibility of information we provide to citizens”.

    Marco Bellezza, CEO
    Infratel Italia for the Government of Italy