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Your Map to Navigating Global Privacy Laws

2022 Didomi | Technology

Didomi is a London and Paris–based provider of consent and privacy management software. Their solutions ease the burden of data privacy compliance for businesses that operate globally. Innovation team experts contacted us to help them build a tool for customers that was sorely lacking in the industry: an accurate, up–to–date resource for consulting data privacy laws around the world.


Build a unique interactive experience from proprietary data and public information sources.


A comprehensive and dynamic resource for consulting data privacy laws.


UX, UI, and data visualization design; Front–end development


Web interactive; Website


We designed and built the Data Privacy Barometer with research and data provided by Didomi. The interactive digital experience comprises several sections, beginning with a map–based, global overview. Users can interact with a timeline scale to see the evolution of data and privacy laws over the past decade. Directly below this component, a series of cards present information about individual countries and the status of their regulations. 

In the next section, users can access exclusive insights on tracking by vendors, explorable by industry and purpose. This data is represented with web–like visualizations, to illustrate the complex networks that vendors operate within, and with bubble graphs to show the comparable influence of actors such as social media channels and ad–tech companies.