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At Accurat, solutions are born to empower organizations and benefit society.

Come feel Data Humanism in action.

Over a decade, we've refined our design ethos around four core principles.

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We embrace complexity

Complexity is an inherent feature of our world. It should be embraced, not feared or avoided in an effort to simplify things that are naturally rich and multifaceted. Important business and strategic decisions take time and require a deep knowledge of the domain and of the elements at play in a specific context; our goal is to support and facilitate better-informed decisions, not to force a simplification of complex scenarios.

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We know data are not just numbers

Numbers don’t mean anything by themselves; they are a placeholder for something else: people, places, ideas, values. We always take into consideration what data stands for, and what it means for the people who will interact with it. We ask ourselves what numbers ultimately represent, and we build experiences that leverage this knowledge by bringing our users closer to the ideas represented by the quantitative and qualitative aspects of information.

( 3 )

We pursue beauty

Beauty is not a frill. We know how to engage and motivate people to dig deeper and take time to explore the intricacies of a visual data analysis. We deploy our rigorous methods to achieve the ideal balance between familiar visual motifs and unexpected aesthetics, a powerful combination that leverages studies on perception to trigger curiosity and interest, and creates indelible images in the minds of users.

( 4 )

We don't rely on standards

Every situation is different, and every challenge brings infinite variables that cannot be reduced to cookie-cutter processes. We never bend design problems to what a tool can offer out of the box, or to a ready-made solution. We take advantage of standard visual solutions to quickly explore and assess a dataset, but we believe in applying core principles of data visualization when building custom solutions that are designed for each situation.

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