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Martin Pas Brand Identity Design

2022 Martin Pas Synth Shop | Music Electronics Retail

Martin Pas is a well respected seller of musical synthesizers in Turin, Italy. It's a local institution with an international presence, thanks to robust online sales. Since opening in 2016, the shop has had the same logo and brand elements. Feeling that these attributes represented an earlier, more analog era, owners contacted Accurat to design a new brand identity.


Make over a brand to reflect a new, progressive era with a design to appear future–forward for years to come.


Leverage data, research, and analysis to identify opportunities for inspiration and innovation.


Product/service strategy; User research; Brand design.


Brand Identity; Design System and Guidelines.


Our process began with a deep–dive research phase. We conducted interviews with Martin Pas stakeholders to fully comprehend the brand's history and its goals for the future.

Next, we moved on to demographic and market research. In addition to visiting the shop to get a sense of its ambience and clientele, we gathered publicly available information to determine typical behaviors and affinities. In this way, we also accumulated information about the broader landscape. Designers analyzed visual communications from key players in the music and electronics industries and created their own data visualizations to survey entire ecosystems at a glance. To land on a unique color palette, for instance, we mapped hues from imagery and focused on gaps. This way, we ensured that Martin Pas' palette was unlike any others on the scene.

To come up with a logo, we took inspiration from the shop in Turin—specifically, its distinctive perforated shelving system. In imitation of the circular visual motif, designers composed a square grid comprising eight circles. Working within this system, we filled in spheres to "draw" half of "Martin Pas'" characters. For the rest of the letters, we used Helvetica Neue.


Martin Pas' logo was the lodestone of the collaboration. It was designed to work seamlessly across a wide range of communications, from social media to web applications to signange to merchandise. As a well–known brand in the music industry, Martin Pas' logo appears on items like tote bags and t-shirts, worn by afficionados the world over.

To make the transition from old branding to new easier, we also delivered a comprehensive style guide that took into consideration myriad use cases, determined by extensive conversations with stakeholders. The finalized brand guidelines include chapters for the structured grid system, typography, logo, scale, palette, and visual motifs.

The refreshed identity gestures to Martin Pas’ physical environment and analog technology while looking forward, into the future of the brand and the larger electronic scene.