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State of Climate & Health Research in the GCC

2022 AEON Collective & Community Jameel | Consulting Environmental

Sustainability consultancy AEON Collective and scientific research organization Community Jameel approached Accurat to sculpt the results of a multi–year research project into a dynamic and engaging, data–driven report for policy–makers. We immersed ourselves in our partners' research to create an powerful vehicle for data and messaging that could be scaled for platforms above and beyond the printed page.


Design a visual framework and brand identity for an ambitious, long–term research initiative.


An impactful published work, designed to propel partners' global, sustainabilty–forward ambitions.


Data visualization and editorial design; Product/service strategy; Brand design


Print report & digital report; Brand Identity; Design System and Guidelines

Background & Process

AEON Collective produces, curates and disseminates fact-supported and culturally relevant knowledge pertaining to sustainability. In partnership with fellow Riyadh-based scientific group Community Jameel and with the support of myriad universities, research centers, and non–profits, they produced a comprehensive report on the state of climate and health in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

AEON and Community Jameel contacted us to help clean, organize, visualize, and package their information into a published work that epitomized best–in–class standards for information design and data visualization. More than a straightforward adaptation, we were tasked with conceptualizing a modern and distinctive visual identity representative of the project's grand scope and AEON and Community Jameel's longterm, international ambitions.

The GCC report is intended to supply policymakers with an indispensable resource to support fundraising, policy–design, and legislative action. Hence, one of our primary objectives was to build a solid, flexible framework that could support likeminded, to-be-determined projects. As noted in the introduction, the report gives "equal value to [what's known], as well as what is still unknown."

In addition to carefully surveying the information at–hand, we also consulted scientific sources to ensure proposed solutions conveyed the rigour of AEON and Community Jameel's work. In collaboration with an international team of stakeholders, we homed in on key messaging to inform a contextually relevant visual approach that impressed urgency and the need to pursue experimental solutions—in no uncertain terms.


The 340–page State of Climate & Health Research in the GCC report includes 14 chapters, divided into three main sections, two supporting ones, and a closing note. The work's length and scope necessitated expert organization to support intuitive understanding and a seamless narrative flow.

Each section commences with key points and concludes with preliminary areas where further research is needed. The three primary sections are:

  • Climate Science, which documents historical trends in temperature and other important indicators from 1979—2019 in the GCC, and includes future projections spanning the next several decades;

  • Climate Impacts, that summarizes evidence and implications for health in the GCC and the broader Middle East region, with a focus on communicable diseases, women's health, public health within localized areas, and air pollution;

  • and Questions Arising, that underscores the overall impact of climate change on globally relevant issues, including mental health, biodervity, migration, food sources and the supply chain, etc.

State of Climate & Health Research in the GCC is but the first output of a longterm endeavor spearheaded by AEON Collective and Community Jameel. To equip our partners with tools to grow and expand upon this initial tome, we provided interactive Flourish charts, plus comprehensive brand guidelines and an instructive handbook for layout, design, and data visualization across platforms.

In the coming months and years, AEON Collective will continue to promote and disseminate information found in the report with events and outreach efforts intended to leave a global footprint. The report's impactful presentation is designed purposefully, to engage audiences on a global scale, in a collaborative effort, for years to come.