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Humanizing the War in Afghanistan, with Data

2021 EMERGENCY | Non-profit Humanitarian

EMERGENCY is a charitable NGO that provides free medical treatment to victims of war. To coincide with the 20–year anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, we brought to life Afghanistan20: a data–driven historical document showing the aftereffects of 9/11 on the Afghani people and EMERGENCY’s charitable efforts in the region.


Document EMERGENCY's humanitarian work in Afghanistan with data–driven storytelling.


A multimedia and multiformat journalistic narrative that put a human lens on conflict.


Product/service strategy; UX, UI, data visualization, and editorial design; Front–end development


Digital report; Web interactive


We were honored to lend our services to Afghanistan20 as part of a nascent initiative to take on pro–bono, charitable work. The report—a print and digital experience replete with first–hand accounts, original photography, and interactive data visualizations—was a natural fit: the epitome of data humanism as we think of it.

Fate took a turn for the worse on the eve of Aghanistan20's slated release, with the death of EMERGENCY founder Gino Strada and the chaotic withdrawel of U.S. troops. We worked around the clock, side–by–side with EMERGENCY to ensure a timely deployment. “It was a very special year for us,” Senior Press Officer Rossella Palma acknowledges. “The Accurat Team had infinite patience and dedication.”

“The Accurat Team had infinite patience and dedication.”

Senior Press Officer Rossella Palma