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2021 eFM | Real Estate

Italian property management company eFM specializes in co-working spaces. Pre–pandemic, the firm offered a simple and straightforward app for booking. When workers began trickling back into offices in 2021, the firm sought to revamp their technology to reflect the "new normal." Representatives contacted Accurat to overhaul technology and design an app that prioritized the potential for creative synergy in cooperative spaces.


Retool an app for finding and booking shared office spaces, for a post–pandemic future.


An innovative desktop and mobile experience tailor–made for hybrid and collaborative co–working environments.


Product/service strategy; Data science; UX, UI, and data visualization design; Front–end development


Mobile app


Top Italian companies including Generali, Sky, Enel, Microsoft, A2A, CdP, Cerved, and PWC belong to ELIS Consortium. The group enlisted eFM as part of a SMART Alliance project aimed at testing new approaches to co-working, with the secondary goal of helping employees of member organizations find suitable spaces to conduct hybrid work. eFM entrusted Accurat with the conceptualization, prototyping, and deployment of a new and improved version of their core app offering.

A primary goal was to equip the app with more advanced search capabilities, considerate of the fact that users were more likely than ever before to prioritize relationships forged in the office. We worked closely with stakeholders to discover and analyze client needs, to propose and iterate on user–friendly solutions that put people first.


Within six months of kickoff, eFM debuted MYSPOT. The app represents a total transformation of previous technology, and presents to users an innovative and exciting new way to explore shared office spaces based on personality–fit. MYSPOT offers compelling search functionalities to discover office spaces based on criteria related to the knowledge, expertise, interests, etc. of people working within.

One of the application's distinctive elements is a radial visual model that represents the user, generated from information input during onboarding and from archived data from the 1.0 version. The model is built on three different dimensions (Resonance, Growth, Entanglement), and it's possible to observe change over time via a timeline view.

The same model is also used to map the relational characteristics of various spaces. A user is given a visual indication of which workplaces are best aligned with personal preferences and professional goals. It's also possible to observe this on a community level.

MYSPOT is a groundbreaking offering that innovates upon the concept of "space as a service." Its prioritization of workers' preferences has the potential to set new standards for product develppment, people management, and the broader post–pandemic future of work.