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2022 Environmental Defense Fund | Environmental Non-profit

An initiative of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), MethaneSAT is a satellite that will orbit the earth, monitoring methane emissions with an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy. In collaboration with Giorgia Lupi's and Abbot Miller's teams at Pentagram, Accurat contributed to the creation of the online hub for the mission. The interactive data visualizations and the microstie we built serve to engage users across platforms to raise awareness of methane as a global threat, and to promote MethaneSAT as a necessary invention.


Communicate with clarity and impact the purpose and mechanics of a powerful new satellite, built to monitor methane emissions.


Atrful information graphics, seamlessly woven into a narrative scroll to captivate readers and facilitate understanding of a complex phenomenon.


Dataviz, Front-end, Back-end


Interactive Data Visualizations and Microsite

Background & Process

Experts attribute at least a quarter of today’s global temperature increases to methane emissions from human activities including drilling, agriculture, and wildfires. The MethaneSAT satellite was developed by EDF and a team of collaborators to equip the public and private sectors with data to help identify, manage, and reduce methane emissions.

The online home for MethaneSAT is intended to not only educate audiences on the satellite's activities, but also to raise awareness of methane as major contributor to climate change, on–par with carbon dioxide and other more well–known factors. Accurat worked with Pentagram's strategists and designers at the creation of the dynamic storytelling experience and of interactive data visualizations that illustrate the project's mission and objectives.


Data visualization plays an integral role in the new site's architecture. The visuals we built juxtapose photography with key figures and data models to connect scientific concepts to with tangible, human–led activities, such as drilling, agriculture, and wildfires. The bold, yet deliberately pared–down charts are optimized to engage with audiences on social media and to express key messaging with urgency and efficiency.

The deployed website acts as easy entrypoint for press, policymakers, and industry insiders to learn about the satellite and its groundbreaking mission.

The microsite has been developed as a fully responsive experience, with a mobile-first design that makes the experience effective on devices of all sizes. The application is built on a flexible Wordpress-based headless CMS environment, that allows the EDF to easily update information and data autonomously, while reatining all the advanced interactive features we imagined for the experience.

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