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Data Visualization Developer Intern

We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds, including but not limited to: programming, science, design, engineering. Regardless, if you feel that the description below represents you, don’t hesitate to apply.

Candidate selection

Our ideal candidate will work with designers and developers to:

  • Conceptualize sleek and sophisticated data visualizations and experiences

  • Develop and refine visualizations with web–based technologies

  • Integrate visualizations in webapps, mobile apps, or other types of experiences

  • Use coding as a tool to solve problems and achieve the solutions our clients need

  • Make good use of the time our projects require, understanding priorities and needs

In our candidates review, we will value especially:

  • An always-learning state of mind

  • Creativity and ingenuity in problem solving

  • Versatility and proactivity in day-by-day tasks

  • Technical and non-technical communication skills

  • A keen eye on design details

  • A passion for data visualization and creative coding

The selection process includes:

  • Quick selection interview with a Lead Developer

  • Interview with Director of Technology

  • An one hour long coding test, where your logic and problem-solving skills will be tested

Internship description

You will be trained to work with:

  • Web programming languages (JavaScript, HTML, CSS)

  • NodeJS and important libraries (Lodash, etc)

  • Graphical libraries (D3, P5, Processing)

  • JavaScript frameworks (React, Angular, Vue.js, Svelte)

  • HTTP REST API and GraphQL, for integration with external services

  • GIT for version control

Some knowledge – or at least a good understanding – of some of the mentioned technologies is a requirement for selection.

After the training phase, you will work with us on real projects in team with senior developers.

Here are some examples of projects we tipically work on at Accurat:

Administrative information

  • You must be a European citizen to apply

  • Smart working is allowed 2 days per week

  • You will be expected to work in our Milan office 3 days per week

  • Contract: curricular and/or extra-curricular internship

  • Salary: 700€ gross per month

  • Duration: 6 months (the first month will be entirely dedicated to training)

We usually review applications on a monthly basis, but internship programs start seasonally.

Send your application to with subject "Dataviz Developer Intern Application", highlighting any project related to scientific or artistic representations of data.